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Days Gone Now That’s An Idea conclusion

Iron Mike

Hello everybody.

This is the conclusion of the mission that started out as Now That’s An Idea. You won’t have a destination marker to follow so to get to the golf course turn your bike around and ride up the dirt road to the left of the main road. Follow the dirt road up and around until it joins the highway, follow the highway and take the first left just before the bridge. A cut scene will play as you get close the clubhouse entrance and when it’s over a new mission, Time For Some Payback, will start.

Before you head for the clubhouse top up on ammo from your bike saddle bags. Now the destination marker is back when you arrive at this one it will be a rock ledge that overlooks the yard below. Stay put for a bit and wait for any Rippers come up either side road. Next take out the Heavy Machine Gunner, after I took him out I was surprised by a Ripper on fire. Stay behind cover either in the middle or behind on of the rocks either side and start taking out Rippers with the sniper riffle. At some point Boozer will move down into the yard behind cover and throw smoke bombs. Eventually some Freakers will show up as well as a Breaker, as long as Boozer is safe you can stay behind the rocks where you first came in. I think the Breaker is the only thing that can kill Boozer so if it gets too close to him you’ll have to lure it away. I decided I’d try to take the Breaker out with the sniper riffle and I think it can be done with 3 clean head shots, anyway this is one part of the mission can be difficult.

Advancing on the Clubhouse.

You only have one way to go and that’s up the side steps, after you take out the first Ripper you can take cover and take out the other 2, once they’re down they’ll start to retreat. Boozer will run ahead of you so follow and shoot the Rippers that he’s fighting with. When the area is cleared and you enter the double doors a cut scene will play, Boozer gives you a boost to floor above, Carlos blows some sort of drug in Deacon’s face and the cut scene ends and a new, I’m Good With That, mission begins.

Fighting Carlos.

The only weapon you’ll have is your boot knife, as soon as the game starts after the cut scene Carlos will run at you so you have to duck out of the way or you will die. After you dodge his attack strike him 3 or 4 times, he’ll attack so dodge do another combo of 3 or 4. The control is a little weird but I guess it’s supposed to be that way. As long as you can dodge his attacks you’ll be successful. When Carlos is down a cut scene will play, when it ends Deacon will be outside again with Boozer.

The cut scene continues with Deacon back at Iron Mikes and it ends after Deacon finds Iron Mike in the church.

These missions pay 6000XP, 250credits, 1750 trust points, and the Keep Them Safe story line will be complete. The Ripped Apart, We’ve All Done Things, and Keep Your Friends Close story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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