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Days Gone Now That’s An Idea part 2 That Never Gets Old

Deacon and Boozer

Hello everybody.

The objective for this part of the mission is to blow up the dam, so starting from the Nero Checkpoint ride south following the destination marker. When you arrive a cut scene will play, when it’s over a new mission, That Never Gets Old, is started and Boozer takes the back pack of explosives and heads for the dam. Your job is to keep Boozer alive while he plants the charges.

Head up tower and take out the Rippers that are trying to stop Boozer. You’ll have time to duck into the office and collect the ammo and loot before Boozer needs you. The first few Rippers on top of the dam are pretty easy. At some point a health bar for Boozer will appear and if that goes empty Boozer will die, if that happens the auto save will restart you as you arrive at the dam. When Boozer moves onto the 3rd location things get considerable harder, soon after Boozer starts down the stairs 3 re enforcement’s will arrive on bikes, these 3 are also pretty easy. When Boozer gets down to ground level a Heavy Machine Gunner will emerge from the utility building behind him. This is where maybe a focus cocktail would have been nice, I took a total of 16 shots to take him down, by that time there was a Ripper at the top of the stairs at point blank range to Boozer. This one was one of the hardest to hit because he constantly moves back and forth, but with the 6th shot he was down which left one on the level below.

Boozer now moves to the 3rd location, at this point Boozers health was down to about 30%. As soon as Boozer starts to advance to the last location more Rippers appear below and a sniper from the utility building. I had to take out the sniper first and for once is was a one shot kill. Since I never used the sniper riffle before in the game I forgot that I could zoom in, that probably would’ve made a huge difference. With the sniper down you can focus on the Rippers below. There will be 2 in front of Boozer and 2 behind, by the time I had taken them out Boozers health was down to about 5%. As Boozer is planting the last charge one Ripper will come out of the lit doorway on his left so be ready, in my case Boozer wouldn’t have survived another shot. When the last Ripper is down Boozer will run out of there and a cut scene will play, when it’s over the dam is destroyed and the valley below is flooded.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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