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Days Gone Now That’s An Idea part one

Rippers in the tunnel

Hello everybody.

Before you can start this mission there are a couple of objectives that must be done in the camp. The first is to go to Skizzo’s cabin to get the detonation cord and while you’re there you’ll pick up his sniper riffle for use later in the mission. The second is to go to the lodge where you met Skizzo before and pick up the TNT and bring it to your cabin without being seen. The third is to visit Addy to get your burnt arm looked at, when you get there a cut scene will play, when it’s over return to you cabin where another cut scene will play. After all that you can now meet Boozer at the front gate.

From the camp follow the destination marker and make your way to the tunnel by Rogue Camp. Approach the tunnel quietly and the Rippers won’t notice you until you enter the tunnel. At the entrance to the tunnel on the right will be a medkit and some ammo. It’s dark in the tunnel and very hard to see so let Boozer lead the way. You can either follow directly behind or go around the right side of the cube van. Next advance to the transport, there will be more ammo to the left. The section after this is kind of a choke point and eventually you’ll encounter a burning Ripper. I didn’t realize that Boozer was way ahead of me and had already taken out most of the Rippers. It’s so dark in there that I thought I was shooting a Ripper but it turned out to be Boozer. Once the tunnel is cleared return to your bike, and as always collect whatever loot you are missing.

Because this mission is so long I broke it into 3 parts, I ended the first part on the other side of the tunnel at the Nero Checkpoint.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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