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Days Gone Now You See It


Hello everybody

The mission Now You See It is part of the He’s My Brother story line and it takes place at Iron Mike’s Camp.

When I went to the camp I stopped at the last cabin before the garage with a green roof and a red bicycle in front. This is Rikki’s cabin, inside there are 2 items of interest the first is a pipe wrench on the kitchen counter, this collectible reads Rikki-” Wrench In Hand”. The second item is on the wall to the left of the door as you enter, this collectible reads Rikki-“your Lamp In The Sky”.

As you roll up to the clinic night will turn into day and a cut scene will play showing Deacon entering the clinic to visit Boozer. A conversation ensues about Boozers condition between Addy and Deacon and in the end Addy tells Deacon to go home.

When Deacon goes outside Skizzo is waiting and wants Deacon to go to the lodge with him. On the way there Skizzo tells Deacon of a plane that went down while doing a run for the Red Cross. Once you enter the lodge a cut scene plays showing Skizzo telling Deacon all the details and location, he tells Deacon to keep his radio close he’ll be in touch, the cut scene ends and the mission is complete.

You’ll receive 2000xp, 500 in Iron Mike’s camp trust, 250 credits, and the He’s My Brother story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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