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Days Gone Old Pioneer Cemetery Nero Checkpoint

Heading for the generator with fuel

Hello everybody.

This Nero Checkpoint is just down the highway east of the Pioneer Cemetery. There are 3 security alarm speakers that must be disabled 2 on the Nero building and 1 on the gatehouse. At first it looks like there’s no way to get inside the fence and I said on the video that there are 2 ways, you could push the truck out of the way and enter through the portable garage, or you could walk around the outside of the fence to the back where there’s a hole in the fence. There is a 3rd way, on the left side of the portable garage there are 4 windows, the 3rd window is open so you could climb in through there. There is some loot as well as the IPCA tech in the portable garage.

There are 4 Freakers on the inside all in one group with a gas can in front of them. To soften them up shoot the gas can. I shot it from the ground and hid in the bushes but they sniffed me out and I had to scramble to eliminate them. A better place to shoot the gas can is from the roof of the Nero building, they might not find you but if they do you could just jump down and hide in one of the bushes.

With the Freakers eliminated and the alarm speakers disabled grab the other gas can at the base of the tree on the left side of the portable garage and refuel the generator. Inside, besides the usual loot, there is a med kit, micro recorder, and a Nero injector. After you use the injector the mission will be complete, you’ll earn some trust with Copeland, and the World’s End story line will be updated

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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