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Days Gone On Herod’s Birthday

Neo helicopter

Hello everybody.

The mission On Herod’s Birthday belongs to the I Remember story line.

This is another mission where you eaves drop on a Nero scientist for O’Brian . This one takes place at the gas station by Rogue Camp. As you near the destination a cut scene will play showing Deacon contacting O’Brian, when it ends the Nero helicopter will be in the process of landing. You can head straight for the helicopter and hide behind the block wall. There will be a couple of Nero security that disembarks toward the front of the helicopter and walk away, there’s one that disembarks to the rear so distract this one with a rock and as soon as he goes to investigate the sound head for the helicopter and attach the GPS tracker.

Spying on Nero Researcher

After you attach the GPS tracker go around the front of the helicopter and jump through the window that’s to the right of the ice box, once inside you’ll start hearing the researcher, you don’t have to go to the back where you can see them. At some point the researcher will move outside to the back of the trailer that’s to the left of the gas station . Wait till they pass the window you jump in and follow them, there’s a block wall and dumpster you can take cover behind. When the listen bar is full you can return to your bike, distract the Nero security at the end of the block wall to your right and make you way around the back of the gas station and back to your bike.

Alternate listening location

Instead of jumping back out when the researcher moves you can just go upstairs right away, it’ll give you a warning that you’re too far away when you are climbing the stairs but just go to the top floor and then to the left and you’ll be in range. Now when they move you just have to move to the window overlooking the trailer. When the listening bar is full make your way to the lower roof on the right side of the garage and either jump down through the hole and out to the bike or down the ladder at the back when the security isn’t there.

The mission is completed when you return to your bike, you’ll receive 4000XP and the I Remember and Finding Nero story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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