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Days Gone Out Of Nowhere

Looking for Leon’s stash

Hello everybody.

This video takes place around the Pioneer Cemetery which is northeast of the O’Leary safe house, it’s also where you talked to Alvarez at the beginning of the game and where the chase started when Leon drove by. The 2 missions here are both part of the ”Chasing Leon” story line. The first is ” She Rode With us” and all you have to do is investigate the crime seen by the monument where Alvarez’s body is and then cremate her body with a Molotov. The mission will be complete and the Chasing Leon story line will be updated. There is also a historical marker at the front of the monument.

The second mission is ” Out Of Nowhere” for this one you have retrieve Leon’s stash from the cemetery. As you enter the cemetery a new objective will appear to find the angel statue, hang a left and you should see a Freaker dining on a deer, take care of the Freaker and hop over the wall. The Weeping Angel will be at the end of the path, just before the angel is another area to investigate, from the investigation you’ll see a ghost image of Leon stashing the drugs in a concrete box. As soon as you get the stash you’ll start to hear a helicopter and Freakers, and you’ll have a conversation with Boozer. Carry the stash to your bike, every time you have to deal with a Freaker on the way out you’ll drop the cooler and you’ll have to go back and pick it up again. When you get to your bike there will be at least one more Freaker to deal with before you can secure the cooler to your bike.

There is a historical marker on the Weeping Angel statue that I missed when I made this video so just to be through I’ll have to make a trip back to the cemetery to read it.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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