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Days Gone Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint

Nero Mobile Medical Unit

Hello everybody.

The Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint is part of the World’s End story line and it’s located southeast of Wizard Island in the Hwy 97 region.

Just down the dirt road to the south is the Lobert Draw Ridge Horde that if taken out first would make powering up this checkpoint a lot easier, which is what I did.

As with any checkpoint the first thing you want to do is disable all of the security alarm speakers, at this one there is one on the gatehouse, two on the unit and two on light polls. The IPCA tech is on a rock ledge behind the portable storage tent in front to the checkpoint unit. The ledge is also directly above the horde cave entrance. All that’s left is to fuel up the generator and start it and enter the unit.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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