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Days Gone Playing All Night

A Super Freaker

Hello everybody.

The mission Playing All Night is part of the He’s My Brother story line. The mission is unlocked after the Now You See It mission. Skizzo will contact you over the radio after you leave Iron Mike’s.

This mission starts when you travel to camp pioneer and reach the destination marker. I did this mission right after the Rogue Camp infestation so that was my starting point for this video, there is a tourism collectible in the house to the right of the house where one of the nests was on the gas station side of the camp this collectible was for Rogue Camp Whiskey Menu. Now would be the time to go through the camp and gas station to collect the loot.

Camp Pioneer is just over the hill on Wahtum Rd, that’s the road that the left side of the gas station boarders on. When you ride into the camp and reach the destination marker a cut scene will be triggered, showing a conversation between Deacon and Skizzo, when the cut scene ends you’ll be on your bike about to go over the covered bridge. The area ahead is full of Rippers some of whom are equipped with heavy machine guns. Ride over the bridge up to the first stick barrier and park your bike. You’ll be on foot the rest of the way to the plane. I used residue bolts to get by the first group of Rippers, I wanted to shoot the heavy machine gunner but I missed and when that happened they were onto me and I had to settle on another Ripper. When I retreated and was waiting for them to shoot each other the heavy machine gunner was advancing on my position, but before he got to me I was able to shoot him with a residue bolt. The heavy machine gunner was the last one left and almost killed me but I was quick enough to shoot him 2 more times, it takes 3 bolts to take them out.

Now you’ll be able to collect all the loot as you advance further into Ripper territory. You’ll eventually reach a truck blocking the way. Push the truck out of the way making sure you push it all the way, this will give you more cover when you take out the heavy gunner patrolling just to the left of the truck. It’ll take 3 crossbow bolts anywhere on his body to take him down. If you go to where the heavy machine gunner was and circle around to the right you’ll come across 2 cedar sapling as well as some plants. At the second cedar sapling head back to the entrance, on the level above you’ll find a make shift P.A system, interact with the generator to disable it.

Continue toward the destination marker and you should see a 3rd cedar sapling, to the right of that there’s 2 torches marking the entrance to an area with a rock table, there will be some scrape and kerosene on the ground on the right that’s easy to miss. Beyond that on the left is a ledge with an anarchist cairn, after you topple it continue toward the marker, there will be plants and other loot on your way. The marker will bring you to a ledge, when you climb up another marker will appear.

When you get close to the plane crash area a cut scene will be triggered, in this one you’ll see a huge Super Freaker tearing apart a normal Freaker, when it ends the Freaker will be in front of you, to your right will be an opening in the rocks you can crawl through, keep going straight ahead and you should reach an area with 2 big bushes go to the farther one and hide. There are traps and ammo spread around the area if you want to run around, I was able to hide here without the Freaker finding me so I used Molotov’s , crossbow bolts, incendiary bolts, and my rifle to take him down. When the Freaker is taken care of go around and collect the loot and ammo. The antibiotics are inside the downed plane, grab them and head out. When you get back to the ledge you climbed up your bike will be there on the ground below.

When you head out stay to the left and ride back to the entrance cross country to avoid the 2 snipers in the gun tower. When you reach the entrance a cut scene will start showing a conversation between Shizzo, Rikki, and Deacon, when it ends you have to follow Rikki back to Iron Mike’s Camp. When you arrive at the camp another cut scene starts, when it ends Boozer is minus an arm and Iron Mike is not happy.

That’s it you’ll receive 6000xp, 250 credits, 1750 gain in camp trust, and several story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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