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Days Gone Prove It To Me, Driven To Extinction, and Don’t Give Me Orders

Captain Kouri and Deacon

Hello everybody.

There are 3 missions in this video, Prove It To Me, Driven To Extinction, and Don’t Give Me Orders.

Prove It To Me

The missions that are in this video start in Diamond Lake Camp, as soon as you finish searching the camp for Sarah in the previous objective Captain Kouri will call for you to meet him at the gate. When you get there a short cut scene will play, when it’s finished the two of you will ride out of camp. This will be a test of sorts like the tittle of the first mission implies, Kouri will ask you to keep up to him as you ride back to the camp in the mountains where you killed the rager. When you get there a cut scene will play, when it’s over the mission Prove It To me will end and the mission Driven To Extinction will begin.

Driven To Extinction

The objective here is to track Vasquez, a recruit that’s gone awol. Start in the cabin, your search will turn up some stolen rations on the bed and a dog toy on the floor, there’s also loot in the bathroom and kitchen. Leave through the back door, straight ahead you’ll see the broken fence. Follow the pieces of cardboard, eventually you’ll arrive at an area to search which reveal tracks but they are hard to see, I went the wrong way a couple of times but if you keep to the left you’ll come upon a wolf eating a carcass. You’ll get a new objective to clear the wolves, there’s only one but three more will show up. After you collect the wolf meat search the carcass, this time your search reveals what looks like hay on the ground to follow which is much easier to see. The trail leads you to another carcass, ammo on the left and a med kit with the backpack. Continue straight ahead and eventually you’ll arrive at a mass grave location and your first look at the hordes in Crater Lake. A new objective appears to follow Captain Kouri, he’ll stop to look at the horde, which is massive, before moving on. When you reach the army truck a cut scene will play, during which you discover that Vasquez is not alone. Keep following the road and you’ll see the smoke of the marauder camp. A new objective will appear to sneak into the Abandoned Lumber Mill, a distance marker also appears. When you get close a cut scene will play, you and the captain will take up a position behind cover and observe Vasquez and crew kidnapping a drifter. When the cut scene ends the mission Driven To Extinction ends and the mission Don’t Give Me Orders begins.

Don’t Give Me Orders

The object here is to clear the camp and rescue the drifter. There are 15 marauders to take out, you can get the first few without moving from cover, after that move through the camp going from cover to cover around the right side perimeter keeping an eye out for bear traps. Around the corner of the last building you see the sniper standing on a rail car. By the time I got to this point there was only 4 left. Stay behind the building and take out the rest around the other corner. When the last one goes down your objective will be to rescue the hostage.

Rescuing The Hostage.

It took some looking around to find the entrance to the building where the hostage was, if I would’ve slowed down and looked at the distance marker I would’ve realized that you have to go under the building that’s beside the hostage building. There’s a door on the side of the building that you can only see once you go under that building. When you open the door you’ll see a gruesome scene, in the video you won’t see it because I edited most of it out. Once the hostage leaves you can meet Kouri outside but before you go collect the loot in the room. Meet Kouri outside and follow him to the main gate, about half way there a cut scene begins. The recruits are there with your bikes when the cut scene ends you and Kouri ride out and the mission Don’t Give Me Orders ends.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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