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Days Gone Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp

Sniper looking for me

Hello everybody.

This ambush camp is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line and it’s located in the Iron Butte region.

This area becomes accessible for exploration after the mission Now That’s An Idea. The RV camp is just south of the dam that you blew up in that mission, the dirt road that leads to the RV camp is the road just before the one that leads to the dam facility.

I started from the Lost Lake side and went through the Rogue tunnel, on the way there I stopped at the gas station to shut down one of Carlos’ make shift PA system, gather loot, and get the collectible from the gas station counter, this one is for Iron Butte Ranch Masters Tournament. When I arrived near the camp I parked on the dam entrance road and went on foot from there. As I approached the entrance I went by a searchable area, if you stop to take a look your investigation will produce foot prints that lead up the dirt path that’s to the right of the RV camp road. The foot prints end at a cliff across from a crashed helicopter at a Nero Research Site, you’ll also become aware of this after you get the map from the camp bunker.

I went up the main road to the camp, there’s a few vehicles there you can use as cover and bushes on the left side that go all the way to the camp office. My first shot at the sniper failed to take him out and as a result attracted a number of Rippers to my location . I however remained hidden even though they were so close. I was able to take out 12 of the 20 Rippers before moving on. I went around to the left high on hill but I was seen before I reached the bushes behind the RV, it might be better to go the logs to the left of the office and hide in the bushes to the left of that. Even though I was spotted when I moved they couldn’t see me once I entered the bushes. When I moved on from there there were 6 Rippers left, I continued around the outer edge of the park around to the left. I chose to go up the wooden tower but they saw me go up so I was under fire right away, after taking out 2 more Rippers I decided to go back down. Now there were only 3 Rippers left, I continued going around the perimeter of the camp and from one of the last bushes on the river side I took out 2 of the last 3. A little further from there on a rock overlooking the river is another one of Carlos’ make shift PA systems. The last Ripper was a heavy gunner, when I took him out I sustained more damage that I had to because of the careless way I took him down. The bunker is on the right side of the camp behind the blue port-a-potties. This mission pays 2500XP, 2550 credits, 600 trust points, and the Ambush Camp Hunter story line will be updated

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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