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Days Gone Rescuing 4 Hostages

Liberated hostage

Hello everybody

This is one of those missions, that won’t show in your story line, but sometimes appears like the stranded individuals you find when you are riding around. The house where this mission takes place is east of the Berley Lake Ambush Camp and northwest of the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint. It’s also the same house where the Nero helicopter landed in the I Need Your Help mission where you helped O’Brian.

Park your bike somewhere before the house, start collecting loot from the cars in the driveway, next go inside the house and collect the tourism collectible that’s on the wall beside the pinball machine and then exit the house. If the marauders haven’t spawned at this point return to your bike and ride past the house. Park your bike and look back at the house if you don’t see marauders then they probably won’t spawn so you’ll have to reload your save point and try again. Once the marauders do spawn there will be 9 all together, you’re better off to stay on the outside of the house until all of the marauders at taken care of. There’s nothing indicating that there’s hostages in the house until you go back inside, as you walk through the house you’ll hear cries for help from upstairs. There are 4 hostages locked in an en suit bathrooms upstairs. You’ll receive 4 times the reward depending on who’s camp you send them to, I sent them to Iron Mike’s so I received 4000 in camp trust.

I discovered another scenario while trying to get the marauders to spawn, instead of hostages a searchable area appears. I won’t go into details, lets just say there’s no reward.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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