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Days Gone Riding Nomad Again part 1

Deacon on his way to Crater Lake

Hello everybody.

Riding Nomad Again is a mission in the Surviving Isn’t Living story line, it’s started by visiting Iron Mike at the lodge but before you start this mission take care of anything you haven’t done in this part of the map. Once you start this mission you’ll be temporarily locked out of norther part of the map.

There isn’t a lot that you have to do, when you enter the lodge a cut scene will start, when it’s over go see Boozer, when you get there a cut scene will start, when it’s over go to the front gate and meet Mike. When you get to the front gate a cut scene will play showing Rikki and Addy saying goodbye. When the cut scene ends Mike shows up and it’s now night. Now it’s just a matter of following Iron Mike to the pass. When you get to the start of the pass that goes over the mountain a last cut scene plays as Mike says goodbye. These first missions run together so this is part one.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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