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Days Gone Riding Nomad Again part 2 and Mayday Mayday


Hello everybody.

The first part of this video is part 2 of Riding Nomad Again and then the next mission Mayday Mayday.

To complete the Riding Nomad Again mission ride up to the top of the mountain, there are a few turn offs but if you stay on the main trail it will lead you to the top. When you get close to the top a cut scene will play, when it’s over the Riding Nomad Again mission will be complete and the mission Mayday Mayday starts.

Mayday Mayday.

As you ride to your destination you’ll discover a Rager has chased 2 recruit onto the roof of the camp. Now that you’re on the scene you become the target. Hopefully you have a good automatic weapon, I used my sniper riffle first but it would’ve been better to just use my IDF Pup the whole time and I would have downed it sooner. There are things in the yard, rocks, campers, tractors,ect. that you can use to try to keep your distance from the bear, he can run faster than you can so if he catches you don’t panic you should be able to break free. If you can lure the bear near a propane tank or gas barrel that will help, although that’s easier said than done. Eventually the Rager will go down, when it does a cut scene will play where the recruits that were stranded on the roof introduce themselves and invite Deacon to their camp and that’s where I ended this video.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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