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Days Gone Riding The Open Road

William ” Boozer” St. John

Hello everybody.

The mission Riding The Open Road is part of the He’s My Brother story line and when you complete this mission the story line will be complete also.

Wherever you are on the map travel to the O’Leary Mountain safe house. Be on guard as you get close for marauders. Collect what ever loot you might need before getting on Boozers bike, it’s parked in front of the little metal shed. Once you get on a cut scene will start and you’ll end up back at Lost Lake camp talking with Boozer as he looks over his bike. The cut scene ends when Boozer gets off his bike, Rikki will call to tell you that your bike is back in front of the mechanics shop. That’s all there is to this one, you’ll get 2000XP, 250 credits, 500 point gain in camp trust and the story line will be complete. You’ll also unlock the custom He’s My Brother Custom Accent skin for you bike. To install the skin go to a garage that sells parts, select the paint menu, from there select decals once there you should see an option above the big ” No Decal ” for Decals and Custom Accents. Once you’re in custom accents you should see several decals, Boozers will be all the way on the end to the right.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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