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Days Gone Rogue Tunnel Nero Checkpoint

Rogue Tunnel Nero Checkpoint

Hello everybody.

If you are doing this mission while doing the Now That’s An Idea mission there’s a chance that Boozer will die, if that happens then you’ll have to start the mission over from Iron Mike’s Camp so make sure there aren’t any Freakers around before you enter the medical units.

There a total of 7 security speakers that have to be disabled before you start the generator. There are 2 speakers on light poles that have to be shot. The first one is on the right as you exit the tunnel and the second one is in between the portable storage tents across from the checkpoint. The IPCA tech is in the second tent, the one on the right if you’re facing them. There are 5 speakers left, one is on the gatehouse roof and 2 each on the Nero unit roofs. Now you can refuel the generator, this one needs to be repaired also. The Nero injector is in the back unit. I usually choose either focus or stamina but this time I chose health to increase my odds of surviving the rest of the main mission ahead.

Besides the loot and the Nero injector you’ll receive 2000XP, 2550 credits, 450 trust points, and the World’S End story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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