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Days Gone Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint

The Nero Mobile Medical Unit

Hello everybody.

The mission to restore power to the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint is part of the World’s End story line and it’s located at the end of the Santiam Hwy where it enters the tunnel south of Iron Mike’s camp.

When I’m doing these missions I always look for points of interest that are in the area that I can get at the same time. In this case there’s a historical marker northwest of the checkpoint and an anarchist cairn to the northeast.

Historical Marker

For the historical marker cross the Santiam Hwy and ride down the hill, at the bottom is a rest stop, on the north side of the stop next to a wooden fence with stone ends is the rock with the historical plaque. This one is for Berley Lake ” The Moon Country “.

The Anarchist Cairn

For the Anarchist Cairn backtrack up the hill keeping to the left of the big rocks and onto the show covered road. Follow this road across the highway and when it meets the other road turn right. Park your bike near the end of the road, there will be a cave entrance in front of you but if you are doing this in the day time you probably don’t have to worry about the hoard. The Anarchist Cairn is down the hill to the left at the bottom of the water falls.

The Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint

At the checkpoint park your bike on the left and climb onto the rock ledge. There will be a corpse up there with the IPCA tech, ahead of that is a hole in the fence that leads to the Nero unit. This one has a blown fuse, the replacement fuse is in the Freaker nest on the right side of the tunnel entrance so it makes sense to clear the infestation zone first before you do this mission. With the replacement fuse return to the fuse box and install it. There are 2 fuel cans, one in the tent and one beside the tipped over port-a-potty across from the unit. The generator is on the other side of the unit, when you climb over to the other side make sure you disable the alarm system speakers before you refuel and start the generator, this one only has 2, one on each end, if you forget you’ll attract the hoard that’s roaming the area. In the MMU( medical mobile unit ) there’s a micro recorder, in the video it didn’t play so if you want to know what was on the recording go to your story lines and then collectibles. Besides other loot there is the Nero injector case.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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