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Days Gone Searching For Something


Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the I Remember story line and is initiated when you travel back to Marion Forks and start riding up McKenzie Wagon Rd on the east side of town. Right after you turn onto the road a cut scene will play showing the Nero helicopter flying by overhead, when the cut scene finished you’ll have to chase the helicopter down. It’s not far up McKenzie Wagon Rd that the helicopter takes a turn to the left right where there’s a dirt road on the left. As you follow the helicopter you’ll have fight off a couple of wolves so keep riding and shoot them when they get close. The helicopter will slow down and you’ll catch up to it on Old Belknap Rd., a cut scene will play showing the Nero Security men shooting at you causing you to crash and ends with you on your bike again. To give you an idea of where you are Crazy Willies is just down the road to your right. The helicopter will lead you across the road onto more dirt roads, the chase ends with a cut scene showing you overlooking a field where the helicopter landed, the scientists are trying to do something to a Newt that they have restrained but have to abort the mission when the horde starts to overrun their position. The cut scene ends with the helicopter flying away with most of the horde following.

Down below is a radio that you have to pick up but there will be about 6 Freakers to take out first. When you are about to pick up the radio you’ll be surprised by a Newt who takes the radio and runs away so chase him down and take the radio. Back where the radio was there are 2 cases one has some ammo and other I was hoping for a Nero Injector but all it had was some sterile bandages. Head back to your bike that’s parked overlooking Crazy Willies.

When you get on your bike Deacon closes his eyes and a cut scene will play showing what happened the first time Deacon and Sarah met, her car broke down and because she didn’t have cell reception Deacon offers her a ride. A one point a truck almost runs you over as they speed by, Sarah now has cell reception and arranges for a tow, Deacon offers to drive her back to the car to wait for the tow truck but when get there the truck that ran you off the road is park in front with the 3 occupants messing around it. There’s a break in the cut scene when you engage the 3 hooligans. All you’ll have to fight with is your fists, it’ll be 3 against 1 and eventually they’ll get the better of you and start to beat you up, but Sarah finds a pistol in Deacon’s saddle bag and fires a shot into the air, with that the hooligans scatter and after Deacon thanks Sarah and decides to wait with her till the tow truck arrives the cut scene ends.

The What’s A Nice Girl mission will be complete and with that you’ll earn 2000XP. The I Remember Story line will be updated. As you sit on your bike you’ll call Tucker for more info on the survivor that Larson spotted in Marion Forks and the It’s Not Safe Here mission will be unlocked.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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