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Days Gone Seeds For Spring

In pursuit of Lynchman

Hello everybody.

The mission Seeds For Spring belongs to the Bounty Hunter story line and takes place in Lost Lake.

Right at the start of the video Deacon contacts Tucker, that message had to do with the last mission where I freed Larsen. I travelled to Lost Lake from Marion Forks and the only things of interest during the trip was a sniper squad near the gas station, some marauders in the tunnel to Copeland territory, and a hostage situation just before Lost Lake.

As I left town I ran into a sniper on the gas station roof so I parked behind the pancake house and climbed onto the roof, from there I took out the sniper and his 3 friends. The video picks up again in the tunnel to Copeland territory this time there were only 2 marauders counting the one I ran over so they weren’t a problem. This is good place to fill up before you hit the road again. The video picks up again on the dirt road just before Lost Lake where there were 2 marauders holding a guy hostage, but they were easily taken out. These situation are always good because of the camp trust you get.

The video picks up a final time as I stop at the Peltro to fill up before the mission, if you don’t have enough gas the mission won’t start. From the gas station turn right onto Salvation Springs Rd. and ride in the general direction of the onscreen compass, turn left off the road when you reach the tractor trailer blocking the road and follow the dirt path that will eventually go past a red shack on the shore of the lake. This is where the search area is, there’s also an ammo box. Depending on which direction you came from you want to park you bike facing in the direction of the trees and mountain with the lake on your right.

There’s a bag to search on the wooden deck, when you’re done looking at it you see Lynchman coming, now if you didn’t park the right way you’ll have to turn around. Don’t go too fast wait till he turns off the highway and you’ll end up behind him and his 2 buddies and the longer it takes more buddies will show up, as near as I can tell I had to deal with Lynchman plus 3 of his gang. Remember to use med kits along the way, I think I was pretty low on health by the time I got the Lynchman. This mission pays 4000XP, 1900 credits,700 point gain in camp trust, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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