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Days Gone Shadow Of Death and Ascending From The Underworld

Col. Garret

Hello everybody.

There are two separate mission in this video but they run together one after the other and they are unlocked after you complete the mission What It Take To Survive, it’s also a temporary point of no return, although if things do go to your liking just load a previous save point and start again.

Since I was in Chemult I took care of some tourism collectibles and historical markers before heading back to Wizard Island. The first one is a tourism collectible on the bulletin board in the garage office, it read Take Out & Tunes. The second tourism collectible was in the Big Mountain Travel Center across from the garage, this one was an ad for the Chemult Suds-Fest. The third tourism collectible was in the Ranch and Feed store across from the Horseshoe Cafe an ad for a Pet Parade. Next I visited a historical marker to the left of the cafe, this one is for Bill”The Grey Fox “miner-“Oregons’s Worst Bandit”, and the last tourism collectible was right beside it in the small building this one was an ad for Balloons Over Chemult.

Shadow Of Death

To get this mission started head back to the staging area at Wizard Island. When I got there I switched out my crossbow for the MG 55, this turned out to be a mistake as you’ll see later in the video. When you get to the staging area you’ll get the warning that if you continue you’ll be temporarily locked out of the southern regions after you confirm day will turn into night and a cut scene will start showing Col. Garret addressing the recruits. Part way through Deacon will leave and radio O’Brian to be ready to pick them up, O’Brian tells Deacon that the RPG’S have to be disabled and the cut scene ends. The RPGS will be right in front of you, all you have to do is go there and disable them. When you get to the top of the hill a couple of Militia Soldiers will be repositioning so wait till they’re gone and interact with the RPG case. Now head back into the mountain to Sarah’s lab, when you get close a cut scene will start, Deacon sneaks into the lab and chokes out the guard and the cut scene ends as Deacon and Sarah start for the top of the mountain. Follow Sarah out, when you get to Weavers a cut scene plays ,he’ll distract the soldiers as you sneak by on your way to the that LZ. When the cut scene ends continue to follow Sarah, next you’ll come to two soldiers at the top of a ramp, wait till they move away and sneak by. There’s a soldier blocking the way in the next area, Sarah will go up and distract him so you can choke him out. The next soldier Sarah chokes out and after that she’ll distract the last soldier so you can choke him out. When you get to the top a long cut scene will start……….


As Sarah and Deacon reach the top the Colonel is giving some new recruits a tour of the base, Skizzo is with the group and as soon as he see’s Deacon all hell breaks loose, the Nero helicopter makes a fly by but doesn’t land. The cut scene continues inside with the Colonel trying to find out what’s going on. In the end, because of Skizzo’s lies, Deacon is arrested and is to stand trial and hang the next day. The cut scene continues the next morning at a campsite away from the camp. Deacon wakes up to find himself with Captain Kouri and a small group of recruits. It turns out that Kouri didn’t believe Deacon deserves to hang for “trying to find his old lady” so he freed him from the camp. Kouri and crew are going A.W.O.L and heading to Reno and invite Deacon to go with them but Deacon has to warn Lost Lake Camp. The cut scene ends with Kouri and crew departing and also ending the mission Shadow Of Death.

Ascending From The Underworld.

The objective for this mission is to travel back to Lost Lake Camp to warn them of the impending militia attack. Before you start out make sure your health is full and collect whatever loot you might be missing. There will be three checkpoints of sorts to clear on your way to Lost Lake. On the way there will be loot and ammo all over the place so you’ll get a chance to resupply.

First Checkpoint

The first one is setup around Sandy’s Pancake House which is just before the Santium Tunnel, the other road going to the tunnel that’s just before the checkpoint is blocked. Approaching the checkpoint watch out for the cable stretched across the road and veer off to the left to park your bike. No doubt you’ll attract some attention so don’t stray to far and wait until they arrive. The first thing you’ll notice is that it takes considerably more shots to take one of these militia recruits down. Looking around at the checkpoint you’ll notice that the sniper towers are wrapped with explosive cord so this is where the crossbow would’ve been nice to have, one shot with an explosive bolt will destroy the tower and take care of the sniper at the same time. There are 3 snipers, two are in towers at the front and back of the camp, the third one is on the restaurant roof. When it looks like all of the militia is down you can cut the wire and move to the right side of the camp, there will be a truck blocking the way that has to be pushed before you can go through but beware of the one militia position on the rock on the right. I was surprised by him but survived.

The Second Checkpoint

The second checkpoint is just down the road setup in front of the tunnel entrance. The first thing you’ll notice is that there are two snipers, one in a tower wrapped with explosive cord and one above the tunnel entrance. The best cover from the snipers is behind the rock on the left, once the sniper that’s closer is down you can venture out and take cover behind the abandoned vehicles. When all of the militia is down advance to the tunnel entrance. The entrance is blocked with wood and barbed wire, however it is held together with explosive cord. Outside of the tunnel entrance there are two tents, there’s an ammo crate in the first tent and a couple of remote bombs in the second. One of the ways to blow up the explosive cord is to use the remote bomb, and since I made the wrong decision to switch out my crossbow that’s what I used. Now advance to the other end of the tunnel.

The Last Checkpoint

The last checkpoint is setup around the exit of the tunnel and the Nero checkpoint. Ride toward the other end and park your bike behind the military truck on the left. There is a militia recruit on the roof of the Nero unit on the left, you can get a shot at him without going to close to the end. I went a little too far and took a shot from the sniper on the right. Now without getting into sniper range take out the heavy gunner, flame thrower and whoever sticks their head out. Once there’s no more fire coming from the area between the Nero unit and the tents take out the sniper. There will be at least one more recruit behind the tents, once they’re all down push the truck out of the way and continue on to Lost Lake Camp.

Lost Lake Camp

When you get to the camp a long cut scene will start, when it’s over Iron Mike will be dead ,Deacon becomes the camps de facto leader and Deacon, Rikki and Boozer formulated a plan to attack Wizard Island, with that the cut scene ends and the mission is complete.

Can’t tell you how much XP these mission are worth but you’ll earn 250 credits, 2000 camp trust points and the Race Against Time and We’ve All Done Things story lines will be updated. The An Officer And A Gentleman story line will be complete. There’s some customs skins that will be unlocked as well plus the crafting recipe for Naplam Molotov.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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