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Days Gone Sherman’s Camp Infestation

This building has two nests

Hello everybody.

The mission Sherman’s Camp Infestation is part of the Infestation Exterminator story line and takes place in Sherman’s Camp which is northeast of Iron Mike’s Camp and just west of Iron Mike’s Farm. The objective is the burn three nests.

Since I was at Mike’s Camp I took the opportunity to go into the lodge and collect a note from Iron Mike’s table upstairs. This collectible was titled Iron Mike – “I’ll Always Be With You” .

Sherman’s Camp.

I entered Sherman’s Camp by Metolius River Rd. and jumped the bridge. At the time I had the stage 2 engine so to ensure a successful jump I used the nitro boost just before the expansion joint, I probably could’ve waited a nano second longer to get a cleaner landing. I parked my bike at the edge of the parking lot on the right which is away from the Freakers and it’s good spot to save your game once the mission is complete.

The first nest

The first nest I took care of is in the building next to the gift shop where the Linton knife was. There is a ladder to the roof on the white building in from of the nest building. The roof is a good spot to deploy your Molotov from. There are three windows in the nest building , a Molotov through one of them will ignite the nest. After I lite up the nest two Freakers sniffed me out, there’s a med kit should you need one and an empty bottle both on the HVAC unit. If you use residue bolts don’t forget to collect the nest residue from the burnt nests.

Nests Two And Three

The other two nest are in Frederick’s Fine Furniture building which is the second building in on the left of the main road I came in on. There’s one nest on the main floor and one upstairs. I burnt both nest at the same time and ran far away, it’s important to have enough stamina when you need to escape. The bush I hid in was so far away that the one Freaker that ran after me was nowhere close to me when he gave up and turned around.

You’ll receive 2000XP, 1900 credits, 350 gain in trust at Iron Mike’s, and the Infestation Exterminator story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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