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Days Gone Sherman’s Camp Is Crawling

Sherman’s Camp

Hello everybody.

The mission Sherman’s Camp Is Crawling is part Earning Our Keep story line. Sherman’s Camp is located northeast of Iron Mike’s camp off of the Santiam Hwy.

Historical Marker

Before I left the camp I went back up to the lodge to look at the historical marker. There’s a plaque on the concrete ring of the huge planter that holds the big tree.

This marker read Moon Trees – “Grown From Outer Space ”.

Talking To Addy

Go and talk to Addy to get the mission started. When you enter the infirmary a cut scene will play, Deacon asks Addy if there’s anything she needs and she gives him a list. The first thing on the list is a Liston Knife which is located Sherman’s camp visitor centre, so getting the knife is the objective.

Anarchist Cairn

The route to take to Sherman’s camp is to leave Iron Mike’s through the main gate and ride up to Santiam Hwy turning left when you get there. Along the way there’s a Peltro gas station, on the hill behind it is an anarchist cairn.

Sherman’s Camp

There are two entrances to Sherman’s, the first one is off of the Santiam Hwy on Metolius River Rd and the other is off of Roberts Bridge Rd. You can use either entrance but if you are going to use the first entrance I recommend using your nitro boost to jump the bridge. I went to the second entrance to reveal more of the map. On the way I ran into a sniper ambush set up at the farm house on the left, there could also be an ambush set up near the entrance to Iron Mike’s Farm. The bushes just off the road at the gas station is a good place to park. The visitor centre is the second building next to the gas station, there’s a gift shop sign on the front. The fire escape on the right side of the building is how you get inside, go around to the rear of the building and shoot the lock that’s on the right side of the ladder. This will release the ladder so you can climb it to get inside. The knife is in a display case on the ground floor. Deacon breaks the glass and takes the knife.

Returning to Addy

I went back out to Roberts Bridge Rd, and turned right, going this way will expose more of the map and you’ll discover an ambush camp. After the ambush camp take the first dirt road on the right, after you cross the bridge you can basically go straight to get to the highway and then straight onto Lost Lake Rd. and onto the camp. When you get to the infirmary a cut scene will play showing Deacon going in and giving Addy the knife, when he exits the infirmary the cut scene ends and the mission is complete. You’ll receive 4000XP, 250 credits, 300 gain in camp trust, and the Earning Our Keep story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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