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Days Gone Smoke On The Mountain

The Squatter camp

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the He’s My Brother story line and becomes available after you clear the ambush camp at the Cascade Radio tower. You’ll have to climb the radio tower and look at the mountain through your binoculars and you’ll see smoke just to the left of the safe house. To use your binoculars after this, if your on PC, it’s B on your keyboard. When you climb down the mission Sounded Like Engines will complete. Grab one of the gas cans and head back to your bike.

Head back out onto the road and follow the onscreen marker to the ambush camp, on the way there should be a cave on your right, I’m pretty sure there will be a hoard of Freakers there later in the game but for now there’s just a pick-axe. You can coast the rest of the way from the cave, keep the onscreen marker in front of you and when you see a rail car you’ll know you’re getting close. Cross the tracks and find some bushes to hide your bike in but not too close to the camp. As you approach the camp there will be a rock ledge with some bushes on the right that overlooks part of the camp. There are 9 marauders to take care of here. Beware of tripwires and bear traps as you are moving around. I was able to lure 5 of the marauders around my first position on the rock ledge. After that I moved around to the right up by the tracks, where there’s plenty of bushes to hide in, from here I lured 1 marauder up to my position and with only 3 left I headed down closer to the camp. There’s another rock ledge with bushes overlooking the camp that I used to lure and take out another marauder. With only 2 left I moved even closer to the camp and once again lured the second last marauder close to my position to where I took him out. I used my crossbow on the last marauder and with 2 shots he went down. When the last marauder goes down the Smoke On The Mountain mission will complete, you’ll earn some trust at Copeland’s, and He’s My Brother story line will be updated. Now you can go through the camp for loot keeping an eye out for traps, the tripwires just make noise but if there are Freakers in the area that’ll attract them.

At some point after you’re finished at the squatter camp Boozer will contact you a couple of times and as a result 2 new Mission are unlocked ” She Rode With Us ” and Clear the nests form the logging camp. Copeland will also contact you and give you the description of a drifter that shot up his camp, he wants you to track him down, this unlocks a new mission Drugged Outta His Mind.

That’s it, thanks for watching God Bless and happy gaming

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