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Days Gone Some Kinda Freak Expert

Skizzo shooting when he’s not supposed to

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The mission Some Kinda Freak Expert is the first of 4 mission that automatically start one after the other, the rest of the missions are Lines Not Crossed, We’re Not Hiding, and That Was His Mistake , these are part of the Earning Our Keep story line and take place in the Lost Lake Region.

To get the mission started travel to lost lake camp and go to the lodge. When you enter the lodge a cut scene will start, Iron Mike and Skizzo are planning to get some dynamite from Lucky Lad Mine, Deacon comes in to see what’s going on and when the cut scene ends the mission begins.

Some Kinda Freak Expert.

Deacon and Skizzo have to go together to look for the TNT so meet him at the front gate. Before you leave make sure you have some scrap to repair your melee weapon and you’re at full health. When you get to the mine a cut scene will play, Skizzo and Deacon look over a couple of wrecked bikes. When Deacon asks Skizzo why they wouldn’t take the bikes back to camp when he was looking for his men he says there wee too many Freakers and points out some newts on the roof of one of the mine buildings. When the cut scene ends so does the mission Some Kinda Freak Expert and the mission Lines Not Crossed begins.

Lines Not Crossed.

Your objective now will be to eliminate the 8 newts that are on the roof, when you’re done Skizzo will give you a boost onto the roof. Jump through the window and get the key from the cabinet against the wall on your right. When Deacon tells Skizzo the he’s got the key, he’ll ask Deacon to look for some flares, so go downstairs where there’s some loot and the flares on the shelf on the right. When you pick up the flares a cut scene will play as Deacon opens the door and Skizzo enters to pick up the flares. When the cut scene ends it’s time to enter the mine, Skizzo has the map and leads the way. A short way in the tunnel will be blocked but Skizzo’s map shows a connecting tunnel that was started but is now boarded up. The tunnel is on your right and after Skizzo looks it over he tells Deacon to go first since he has the flash light. Interact with the danger sign and Deacon will kick the board out of the way. When you crawl to the other side a cut scene will play as you just make it before the tunnel collapses. Keep following Skizzo, a short distance in a cut scene will play showing them as they discover the bodies of the 2 lost men, Skizzo burns them with a Molotov and the cut scene ends. The first box they find is empty so they decide to double back and make sure they didn’t miss side tunnels. Skizzo is following the flares that he was dropping along the way and it leads into a larger area with tunnels on 2 sides. When you enter a cut scene will start, Skizzo has his pistol out and is starting to get agitated, Deacon tells him to put his pistol away and as he’s warning Skizzo that all it will take is one shot to bring all the Freaks in the tunnels down on them a Newt jumps on Deacon’s back and Steels the key. Back track the way you came, run past the flare on your left to the end of the tunnel and then right. You’ll find the key on the ground and as you pick it up the Newt jumps on your back again, when you’ve taken care of it pick up the key and run back to Skizzo. Stay close to him because if he dies the mission will fail, this is when you’ll need your fully repaired melee weapon and a quick check to make sure you’re at full health also. For the most part I used my melee weapon but I was able to use a couple of Molotov’s which slowed the flow of Freakers a little. When the Freakers are all taken care of a cut scene will play showing Deacon and Skizzo arguing, when it ends the mission Lines Not Crossed will end also and the mission We’re Not Hiding will begin.

We’re Not Hiding

Collect all the loot from the room before you leave, Skizzo will eventually lead you to the TNT storage room, when you interact with the door a cut scene will play showing them finding the TNT and leaving the mine. The cut scene ends when they reach the first building and discover marauders in the yard and the mission ends also and the mission That’s His Mistake begins.

That’s His Mistake

Before you can leave the mine site you’ll have to eliminate 5 marauders with no help from Skizzo except some egging on. When the marauders are down and you get the TNT another cut scene will play as the 2 return to the bikes, when it ends the last mission will be complete. You’ll receive 6000XP, 250 credits, 400 point gain in camp trust and the Earning Our Keep, We’ve All Done Things, and Keep Your Friends Close story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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