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Days Gone Spruce Lake Ambush Camp

Spotted by heavy gunner, taking cover.

Hello everybody.

The Spruce Lake Ambush Camp is discovered while doing the Keeping Souvenirs mission and it’s located just down the road from the Mazama village, on the way there I’ll destroy a couple of Cryer nests.

If you’re starting from Diamond Lake Camp take the same route as you took when you did the Keeping Souvenirs mission. Ride south with the destination mark generally in front of you, but this time ride up the hill behind the gas station, your destination marker should read about 360 M, and proceed on foot into the bushes at the top of the hill. This is a good spot to take out the Cryer nests.

The Ambush Camp

Back on your bike ride cautiously toward the camp, at about 175M the main road will on your right, ride past that and park your bike up by the transport truck that’s park on the shoulder. Go the rest of the way on foot keeping the camp on your right, eventually you’ll end up on a cliff overlooking the camp. There are 15 marauders in this camp. You should be able to take out most if not all of them from this position. The IPCA Tech is also on a body up there. It turned out that as soon as they started shooting at me a small hoard came through the tunnel so I only had to take out maybe half of them and the Freakers did the rest. The problem with this is you either have to wait till they return to the tunnel or you have to take them out, I ended up doing the latter. With the camp clear you can go through it for loot and enter the bunker which is in the tent beside the main gate. When you read the map the mission will be complete, for this one you’ll earn 4000XP, 2650 credits, 1100 camp trust points, and the Ambush Camp Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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