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Days Gone Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint

Neo Checkpoint powered up

Hello everybody.

Marauders had made the Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint an ambush camp so you’ll have to clear it first before you can power it up and get inside.

I did his mission right after clearing the ambush camp so there was no need to travel anywhere, but if you are travelling the camp is located southwest corner of the map. Your first order of business is to disable all of the security alarm speakers, there are 7 in total and they are in the following areas: two each on the Nero units, one on the gatehouse at the entrance, and two on light poles. You’ll need a new fuse for this unit, it’s beside the portable garage in the northeast corner of the checkpoint. I got this fuse in the previous video when I was clearing the ambush camp, I also got the IPCA Tech in the previous video, that’s up on the cliff overlooking the camp close to the fuse location.

Once the fuse is replaced and the generator is refuelled and powered up you can enter the Nero Unit. Make sure that all of the speakers are disabled because if you missed one you’ll attract the hoard in the tunnel. There’s a medkit, a health cocktail, a micro recorder, and a Nero injector. I made sure all the doors were closed so I could use the injector but they were all open when I was finished so I had to make a hasty exit and retreat to cover, it turned out there was only one Freaker roaming around.

Powering up this Nero Checkpoint pays 2000XP, 3500 credits, 700 camp trust points, and the Worlds End story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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