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Hello everybody.

Today I’m starting a new game called Days Gone, back to a more normal game compared to Wasteland 3. I don’t want the games to be too easy so since I’ve play these types of games before I chose to play it on the hardest difficulty Survival II.

The first part of the game is a cut scene that gives you a little background to the story and the characters involved. When the cut scene’s end, two years later, you’ll be riding down the road with Boozer and you pull over at a sculpture on the side of the road where Alvarez is leaned up against the base. She’s in bad shape but before she dies she tells you that Leon is the one who did this to her. Just as she dies Leon comes flying past, now it’s time to drive your bike in pursuit of Leon. If you are playing on PC then you’ll need to learn to control the bike with feather touched of left(A) and right(D) on the keyboard in combination with the mouse to keep the camera behind you, also to activate nitrous boost press ALT. The chase will take you down the highway where you’ll have to dodge the molotov cocktails that Leon is throwing. At one point the highway is blocked, but there is a dirt road that goes around the blockage. If you are having trouble navigating this section of road, don’t try to go too fast and just try to stay on the trail, you don’t have to use your boost because you’re not going to catch up to Leon anyway. At the end of the obstacle course of a trail you’ll come out onto the highway and Boozer and Leon will rocket down the road leaving you behind, but Leon wipes out and you catch up. As you approach Leon’s position a cut scene will play where Leon has you pinned down. When the cut scene is over Leon has escaped but you’re on his trail.

That ‘s it for this video.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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