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Days Gone The Last Of Em

Propane Storage Tank Explodes

Hello everybody.

The mission The Last Of Em is one of three missions to clear the militia camps in Lost Lake and they’re all part of the Race Against Time story line. This militia camp is located at another area where you had to spy on the Nero helicopter earlier in the game and there are 9 militia station here.

I did this mission right after the mission Another Militia Attack so I was traveling from the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint, on the way to the militia camp I stopped at the former Berley Lake Marauder Camp to pick up a new baseball bat so I could craft a better melee weapon. From there I made my way to Buck Point Rd. which is the paved road northwest of the camp. When you arrive at the destination ride past it and park your bike somewhere off the road to the left. You can do this for either side but I prefer the right side because there’s more cover over a larger area. The house beside the house where the militia are stationed is worth going into for the loot. From the house back track up the dirt road and circle around to the left. There are several bushes to use as cover 2 on the rock ledge and 1 below. I lost the element of surprise when I approached the camp and came under fire right away, before I had to retreat I destroyed the propane storage tank and took out the heavy gunner. I tried advancing but only got 1 residue bolt shot and then I was surprised by one of the militia so I retreated again. The next time I advanced I went to the bushes on ground level closer to the house, I managed to shoot another residue bolt and then moved around the rock on the left. Since it was becoming night the fighting amongst the militia attracted a number of Freakers who took down the rest of the militia. When the last militia goes down the mission will be complete, you’ll earn 5000 XP, 2550 credits, 1150 in camp trust points, and the Race Against Time story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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