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Days Gone The Rest Of Our Drugs and I Brought You Something

Roach apprehended

Hello everybody.

In this video I do 2 missions, the first is in the Bounty Hunter story line called ” The Rest Of Our Drugs” and the second mission is in the you’re safe now story line called ” I Brought You Something”.

The first mission takes place in Marion Forks and is unlocked some time after you complete the” They Won’t Let Me Leave mission. On the east side of town there is a burnt out building, along the right side of the building is a small cardboard box for you to examine. Park your bike close because when you’re finished examining the box Roach will ride by and try to escape. You’ll have to give chase and stop him by disabling his bike. As you are following wait till the targeting box turns green and then start shooting, it’s going to take around 15 shots to do the job. To complicate things if you don’t stop Roach fairly quickly 2 more marauders will join the chase, so try to stop him as early as you can. Once Roach is apprehended the mission will be completed and Tucker will call to ask for details on Roach and the drugs. You’ll receive 4000XP, 1800 credits, 2300 in Hot Springs trust, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be updated.

The Mission ”I Brought You Something” will start right after you finish talking with Tucker, Deacon will call Boozer to ask where he can find a Thunder Egg, Boozer tells him to look in the Belknap Crater gift shop. To get to the gift shop from Marion Forks go back to the burnt out house and turn right onto Black Crater Rd., follow the road until you get to a fallen tree blocking the road, turn left and aim for the tractor trailer, drive up the rock ramp and turn right onto McKenzie Wagon Rd. On the way keep an eye out for ambush sites or wire strung out across the road. The gift shop is on Graham Rd just before the transport truck parked on the road. The thunder egg is on a shelf marked Rock Shop. Grab the egg and head to Hot Springs, if you need gas there’s a can in the rest rooms.

To get to Hot Springs from the gift shop I turned left on McKenzie Wagon Rd. and followed it until I reached a tee in the road, then I turned right onto Old Belknap Rd. followed that until I reached several vehicles blocking the road, then I took the dirt road to the right and rode keeping the onscreen marker generally in front, eventually coming out onto Black Crater Rd. From there I took the dirt road on the right at the red dump truck that comes out at the back of Hot Springs.

Lisa is at the back of the camp where the living quarters are, look for blue screens past Alkai’s shop. When you arrive where Lisa is day will turn into night and a cut scene will play where Deacon gives Lisa the egg, she thinks it’s beautiful but wants to go back to Marion Forks, when Deacon tells her he can’t she says she has to turn in because they wake them up early to work, with that the cut scene ends and the mission is complete. You’ll receive 200XP, 250 credits, 500 in Hot Springs trust, and the You’re Safe Now story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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