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Hello everybody.

In this video I investigate the helicopter sighting. The onscreen marker will lead you right to where the helicopter is landing a short distance east of the cemetery. As you arrive at the landing zone a cut scene will play showing the Nero personnel exiting the helicopter and setting up a perimeter. The cut scene ends with the perimeter set up and the researchers moving to their research site. You can’t engage the Nero personnel, if they discover you you’ll have to start over. As you begin following the researchers you’ll get a suggestion that using rocks should distract them, I didn’t use any rocks and at one point on the way out I almost got caught so it’s better to use the rocks and make sure you’re not discovered. With that said make your way around to the left following the onscreen marker. When you get to the research site hide in the bushes and listen to their conversation, about half way through they’ll move to the other side, backtrack the way you came and hide in the bushes by the rock pillar and listen to the end. When the conversation is over you’ll have to return to your bike. Take your time heading out and make sure you know where the security personnel are, and use rocks if you have to.

When you arrive at your bike, which is now in the middle of the parking lot, a cut scene will play showing the Nero people loading into the helicopter and taking off. The mission will be complete, the Finding Nero story line will be updated, and a crafting recipe for a residue bolt will be unlocked.

When the rewards are over you’ll discover that there are now Freakers about, so you either have to quickly jump on your bike and ride to safety or run for the bushes like I did and reassess the situation from there. A radio conversation takes place between Deacon and Boozer and you’ll hear a radio message from Copeland. After that it was a matter of clearing all of the Freakers which I did by manipulating their movements with rocks to lure them and single them out. With the Freakers all gone I could finally get back to my bike and save my progress.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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