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Days Gone This Could Be It

Sedated Newt, Live Test Subject

Hello everybody.

The mission This Could Be It is part of the I’m Never Giving Up story line and takes place in the Crater Lake region, it’s unlocked after you complete the I Don’t Want To Hang mission.

To get the mission started talk to Sarah in her lab, before you enter night will advance to day. A cut scene plays inside as Deacon and Sarah discuss the details of the mission, Sarah gives Deacon a special tranquilizer gun so he could bring back a live specimen. The cut scene ends and you’ll appear at the beginning of the bridge at the back of the camp, but before you head out you’ll get a call from Sarah who tells you she needs a specific Newt and where to look. The location of the Newts is in a house that had a Nero Research site earlier in the game. When you arrive at the house it’s crawling with Newts. Sarah tells you to look for a female Newt wearing a red shirt. The subject is in the house but you won’t be able to transport her until the other Newts are taken care of, I counted a total of 19 plus the test subject. When you pick her up a cut scene will start, Deacon straps the Newt onto his bike, there is no traveling back to the camp like I thought the cut scene continues there. Captain Kouri tells Deacon to keep it professional between him and Sarah, this must be because he saw Deacon and Sarah kiss at the end of the mission What Kept Me Going. The cut scene continues in the lab as Sarah tests her concoction on the Newt but the result is not what Sarah wanted. After some motivational speaking from Deacon they formulate a plan to ride north, going awol in the process. I end the video when Deacon leaves because the next mission starts automatically, so whatever rewards you get from doing these 2 missions will be at the end of the next video.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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