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Days Gone Three Fingered Jack Viewpoint Historical Marker

Path That Leads Up To The Lookout

Hello everybody.

As I get under way in this video the first stop I make is at the mass grave located on the first road on your right on the east edge of town. At the top of the hill you’ll find a micro recorder, melee weapons, a gas can and some loot. Now back track to the highway, head east a short distance and take the road on your right. Follow this road which ends at a scenic lookout. Some times there will be marauders, a sniper ambush, or wolves so approach with caution. All there is here is some loot.

The road on the right just before the scenic lookout leads up to the Three Fingered Jack View Point. Sometimes there will be marauders and Freakers fighting, if this is the case just let them fight it out and then clean up who’s left. When I made this video I didn’t run into anybody and it was smooth sailing all the way to the historical marker. There is melee weapons, crafting material, and misc. loot around the recreation area. The historical marker is for Three Fingered Jack View Point-” Old Hot Fingers”. From this view point you can see there is another marauder camp down below, a Nero research centre, and a radio tower. The marauder camp will be next.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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