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Days Gone Trying To Help The Camp

Skizzo with a plan

Hello everybody.

This mission is the first in the Keep Them Safe story line and is unlocked after you complete the Better To Light One Candle mission, it takes place in Iron Mike’s camp.

When the Better To Light One Candle mission is complete you’ll end up in your cabin, If Skizzo doesn’t call you when you leave the cabin go through the main gate either with you bike or on foot and that should get the call initiated. All there is to this mission is to meet Skizzo up at the lodge, as soon as you get there he’ll want you to go inside when you do a cut scene will play as Skizzo tells Deacon his plan to go get some detonation cord from Ripper territory. When the cut scene ends the mission will be complete and you’ll get paid 3000XP, 250 credits, 750 points in camp trust, and the Keep Them Safe and Keep Your Friends Close story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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