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Days Gone Tunnel Before Crazy Willie’s

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Hello everybody.

Just before Crazy Willie’s there is a tunnel that goes through the mountain. The tunnel is full of vehicles so check them for loot as you go through. Boozer rides the bike while Deacon takes the point and walks ahead. The first part of the tunnel just has a car and a service tunnel on the right to loot, when you exit the service tunnel you’ll discover a freaker nest, this will be the first of many. A short cut scene plays as Deacon throws a molotov cocktail into the nest, with the nest on fire two freakers will run out. It’s best to keep you’re distance and take them down with the shotgun, these two go down with one shot.

A little further into the tunnel there will be a white car on the right with a blinking red light, as you approach three freakers will come out of the wood work, wait until they get into range and take them out, this time they go down with one or two shots. The white cars alarm will go off but there’s no hurry to silence it.

Just past the white car the tunnel is blocked. There is a service tunnel on the left that goes around the blockage. As you enter the service tunnel there will be a room to the left at the end of tunnel with some loot. The hallway to the other end has a door on the left and as you approach, the door will fly open and a cut scene will play as you fight off the freaker and put him down. In the room that the freaker came out of there is some loot. When you reach the end of the service tunnel you’ll have to push a car out of the way so Boozer can ride through. When you push the car out of the way you’ll push it into the car behind setting the alarm off. This wakes up two freakers, both of them took two shots to put down, they seem to be getting tougher the further you go into the tunnel. The alarm car is around to the right and to the left of it there’s a screen that’s been bent back leading to another service tunnel. In the hallway there’s a room on the right with some loot, and more loot at the end. Before you exit the service tunnel make sure your shotgun is reloaded, there are three more freakers to deal with.

Getting close to the end there’s another screen that’s been bent back on the left with some loot behind it and another freaker nest on the right. There are no more molotov’s so you’ll have to craft one. This time only two came out of the burning nest. With the last nest destroyed you can get back on the bike and Boozer will take you to the top of the hill overlooking Crazy Willie’s.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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