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Nero Checkpoint

Hello everybody.

This checkpoint is located at the entrance of the tunnel that leads to Hwy 97 region northeast of Wizard Island.

If you destroy the Freaker nests in the area first it’ll be easier going through the checkpoint. The first thing you want to do is disable all of the security alarm speakers, there are 6 in total, one each on the gate houses and 2 each on the Nero trailers. There is a gas can behind the school bus to fuel up the generator, once it’s powered up you can enter the trailers. The injector is in the trailer on the left.


This IPCH Tech was the hardest to find so far, it’s nowhere in checkpoint area, you have to enter the tunnel and look on your right for a white truck parked sideways. Beside it will be an access tunnel that leads down to a drain tunnel. Climb down the ladder and go down the tunnel, you’ll have to hop over one section of bars and the body with the IPCA Tech will be there before the next section of bars. There will probably be a few Freakers so take them out with a silence weapon .

Restoring power to this checkpoint will pay 2000XP, 3500 credits, 700 camp trust points, and the World’s End story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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