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Sarah’s Memorial Stone

Hello everybody.

This mission becomes available after you’ve visited the Hot Springs Camp for the first time. When you’re finished talking with Tucker and Alkai it’ll seem like there’s not much to do, in my case the only mission active was the Belknap Cave Ambush Camp, it’s not until you leave the camp that you’ll get a radio call from Boozer telling you not to go up to where Sarah died. When the conversation is over the mission will be unlocked.

The mission takes place in the abandoned Nero Refugee Camp north of Hot Springs and west of the Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp in the northwest corner of the map. There are 9 portable buildings and 2 Nero buildings in the lower part of the Refugee Camp. There will be a few Freakers roaming around ,there is no Nero injector in the Refugee Camp only various loot so when you are finished going through the lower part you should be at the southwest end of the camp. There will be a Nero building on your right and as soon as you reach the end of the building a new objective to clear the camp of 9 Freakers will appear. There’s a Nero building with a micro recorder on the upper level at the west end of the camp. This is a good place to start, there bushes around the building and going on the roof will give you an idea of where the Freakers are, also the building itself will provide cover as you’re taking out the Freakers that are at this end of the camp. When I had 5 to go I advanced a little further toward the middle of the camp, there are bushes all along the left side to hide in. From here I took out all the rest but 1. The last one was all the way back at the Nero building.

When the last one goes down you’ll get a new objective to place stonecrop on Sarah’s memorial stone. The on screen marker will guide you to the stone located along the rocks on the northwest edge of the camp. As you approach the memorial stone a cut scene will start, the end of this cut scene is the same as the one that played at the start of the game, the beginning shows the events that transpired prior to Sarah being stabbed and how they made it to the roof where the Nero helicopter was.

When the cut scene ends you’ll have some parting words for Sarah and you’ll receive 3000XP for completing the mission, you’ll also earn some trust with Hot Springs and make 250 credits in the process. The I remember story line will be updated and a new mission” Searching For Something” will be unlocked.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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