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Days Gone What Have They Done

Entrance to the Ripper camp

Hello everybody.

The mission What Have They Done is part of the You’re Safe Now story line and is unlocked after you complete the mission Give Me A Couple Of Days.

As you leave the safe house you’ll get a call from Tucker, Rippers have attacked the camp and in the process they’ve kidnapped Lisa. The objective is to infiltrate the Ripper camp and rescue Lisa, there are about 29 Rippers in total so before you go there stock up on med kits and ammo.

The Ripper Camp.

The Ripper camp is located in the Belknap Caves which is north of Crazy Willies off of McKenzie Wagon Rd. As you approach the visitor centre a cut scene will play and day turns into night, the cut scene ends revealing a back pack on the path ahead. After you search the back pack you’ll see foot steps leading into the caves. Try to stay undiscovered as long as you can, the first Ripper is at the top of the hill alone so take him out with something silenced or you crossbow. There will be 2 more at the bottom of the hill guarding the entrance to the cave. There are 2 inside the cave, when you exit the cave there will be a historical marker at the top of the stairs, this one is the Belknap Caves- “The Lava River Cave”.

Once you’ve taken care of the 3 or so Ripper around the exit of the cave stay on the right as you advance through the park and you should be able to take out the Rippers unnoticed. At one point the path will go through a rock arch, one the other side will be a lone Ripper, at the top of the hill you’ll be less than a 100 metres from the camp. When you get over the top of the hill the rest of the Rippers will notice you so run back to the bottom of the hill and wait for them to come to you. When you can advance again go to the top of the hill and cross the path to the left side, here you’ll be safe from the sniper. Once you’ve taken care of the sniper and the other Rippers you can go back over to the right, at this point there should only be 2 Rippers left.

Rescuing Lisa and leaving the park.

If you need a med kit there is one at the top of the observation platform. When you go back down to Lisa a cut scene starts, when it’s over you and Lisa have to return to your bike. As you are exiting the park there will be 3 areas where you have to eliminate Rippers. The first is just down the hill from where you freed Lisa, after that Lisa will lead you across the park to another cave, there’s 2 Rippers here, and there will be 2 Rippers around your bike. When all of the Rippers are eliminated you can return to your bike.

Taking Lisa To Rikki

All that’s left now is to meet Rikki on the Copeland side of the map close to his camp. Following the on screen marker will bring you to the corner of Cascade Hwy and Old Belknap Rd. When you arrive at the destination a cut scene will play, Rikki shows up, introductions are made and Lisa agrees to go with her to Lost Lake. The cut scene ends and the mission is complete. You’ll receive 4000XP, 250 credits, 1000 in Hot Springs trust and the You’re Safe Now, Ripped Apart, and Someone That I Used To Know story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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