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Days Gone You Can’t Be Replaced

Dr Jiminez

Hello everybody.

The mission You Can’t Be Replaced is part of the Good Soldier story line and takes place in the Wizard Island Camp, it’s what I call a free XP mission. The mission is unlocked after you complete the I Didn’t Want To Join Up mission.

If you’re not already in the camp, travel there and visit the Doc. When you get there a cut scene will start, Tyler has been assigned guard duty outside the clinic and has a conversation with Deacon before he goes in. After they exchange pleasantries Tyler tells Deacon that he saw Sarah earlier and that she was trying to get something from the Doc. This something might have something to do with how she looks now. Deacon enters and after the Doc checks his arm he asks Deacon if he could go on a run with him, Deacon agrees but the Colonel walks in and puts a stop to the whole thing, Deacon is dismissed. When he appears outside the mission will be complete. This one pays 4000XP, 350 credits, 1000 in camp trust points, and the Good Soldier, How’d We Survive, and the Law And Disorder story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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