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Days Gone You Can’t Do This Alone and For An Outlaw Biker

Entrance To Crater Lake Destroyed.

Hello everybody.

These two missions go together when the first one ends the second automatically begins and they’re unlocked after the mission I’ll Save Some For You which is the mission to clear the horde from the Old Sawmill.

To get the mission started go to the main gate at Lost Lake, when you get there a long cut scene will start. At first it looks like only Deacon and Boozer are going on this offensive to Crater Lake but one by one a group of fighters from every camp arrives to join them. The cut scene ends with Deacon entering the camp after the front gates have been destroyed.

Entering The Camp, Clear The Militia

As you approach the camp you’ll have to crawl under some logs that have fallen down from the explosion. There’s cover on the left and right on the other side of the logs, I think the left side is slightly better. There’s also a fallen militia there with some loot, and I somehow traded my SMP 9 for a pistol when I collected the loot. In this area there will be two militia that advance right away, a third a little father back and three around the gun tower where Colonel Garret was usually stationed. My sniper riffle wouldn’t focus on the left side so I moved over to the right. After these six are down you can advance, go to the right past the merchants stall and into the tent, besides the loot and ammo there are two Character Collectibles. The first collectible is on the left as you enter the tent and it’s for Taylor – “Flying High” and the second at the back of the tent on a box is anther one for Taylor – “Delivery Boy”. When you’re done in the tent backtrack to the entrance road, on the way there Deacon will notice a Heavy, take cover behind the boxes and wait for him to appear. Two shots with the sniper riffle was all that it took, when he goes down a new objective will appear to Fight Your Way Into The ARK. As you get close to the entrance a cut scene will play, the entrance is collapsed by explosives and Deacon is thrown to the ground. As Deacon is getting back on his feet he over hears Skizzo giving orders to seal the upper cave and start setting explosives, and the cut scene ends. When the game continues a new destination appears and you can see some militia heading your way. The closest cover is a couple of boxes, take cover there and deal with the militia as they advance, there will be a couple of militia, a heavy, and two more after them. If you need a sniper riffle there is one on the back of the truck on the right. A new destination will appear so make your way there, before you get there Deacon notices a sniper just as he shoots the explosive barrel on the corner of the road. This is where having a sniper riffle makes it a lot easier to advance up the hill. Once the sniper is down you can start moving up the hill, when you reach the sniper tower the next way of militia will come, I took out one and retreated down the hill around the corner and took out the other two from there. Back up at the sniper tower there’s loot and ammo around the trucks on the left. Another militia showed up and climb into the sniper tower and incredibly survive the barrage of bullets as he climbed, it wasn’t till he was climbing down that I took him out. Keep advancing up the hill going from cover to cover, as you do there will be two or three militia at every new destination. At one point I had to use a smoke bomb so I could reach the next cover. This time there were two militia in front of me that had better cover so I used a Naplam Molotov to take out one of them so I didn’t have to deal with both of them at the same time. Next will be a long stretch with no opposition and before you reach the top Deacon calls Rikki and learns that the assault at the back gate was successful.

Clear The Militia At The Top

When you reach the top there will be a group of militia which includes at least two heavy’s and a sniper. Fortunately there are sand bags on each side of the entrance so as soon as the first heavy comes around the corner take him out. Don’t advance yet there’s another heavy coming, when he’s down peek around the corner and shoot the explosive barrel. After multiple attempts to take out the militia that I could see I decided to take out the sniper and right after that I got the militia I could just see around the corner. That left one more militia to take out, when he’s down you can continue into the Ark and a new destination will appear. Before you go there collect all of the loot . When you get close to the entrance a cut scene will play where Deacon see’s two militia planting explosives. When the cut scene ends a new object will appear.

Disarm The Explosives

There will be three locations where the explosives are, the first is at the top but before you can disarm it you’ll have to take out two militia that are on the ramp going down, the first one is easy but the one down lower is hard to see because of the rain. Disarm the explosive and continue down the ramp, when you get to the corner take out the two militia below. Move down to the area below but beware of militia coming up to investigate the shooting, collect the loot and ammo and head for the next area below. As you start going down the next ramp a destination marker will be very close for the next explosives location. Instead of going around the corner on the ramp jump down through the gap in the hand rail, the explosive will be three steps down. After I disarmed the second one I could’ve went down to the left or up the ladder, I went up the ladder to find two militia right in front of me. The first one I took out with a stealth attack and second I used my melee weapon. There was a third militia that surprised me and a fourth below that I took out with my IDF Pup. The last explosive is just down and to the left, after you disarm it a new objective will appear.

Get To The Colonel’s Chamber

Continue down to the next area, there will be five or six militia standing in your way with the last one particularly hard to take out, in the end it took a Molotov. When you get close to the destination a cut scene will play with Skizzo holding Weaver a knife point wanting to know where the detonator is, when the cut scene ends the mission You Can’t Do This Alone will be complete and the mission For An Outlaw Biker will begin.

For An Outlaw Biker

The first objective is to save Weaver, so interrupt Skizzo’s interrogation by shooting him in the head, when you do a short cut scene will play as he scurries away behind cover. When the cut scene ends a new objective to clear the militia will appear, collect the ammo on the right and climb down the ladder. Weaver is pinned down so run to his position in the nursery so he can get to safety. Once Weaver has left there will be 12 militia that you’ll have to take out, I took out the first couple and then retreated back around the corner. I staged my attack from there because nobody could get behind me and took them out as they came. The last one will be a heavy gunner, when he’s down a new objective will appear to kill Skizzo but before you move any closer make sure you are at full health because you won’t be able to later.

Kill Skizzo

You won’t have access to weapons or med kits for this next part, only your knife. Go to the destination, as get close you’ll notice several explosive barrels, keep to the left and head for the sand bag cover, before you can get there Skizzo will shoot the barrels and you’ll be thrown the rest of the way. I don’t know how low on health you’ll be but it looks like it’s really low. After the explosion wait for the flames to go out and roll to the sand bag cover on the right. I don’t know if there is a timing but I just waited a few seconds and jumped over and took cover behind the box. Again I waited a few seconds and jumped over the box, I rolled just in time to miss getting shot. Probably it’s better to roll to the right from behind the box first and then dive for Skizzo. If you don’t make it the first time the save point is just after the first explosion so you don’t have to fight your way through the nursery. When you make it to Skizzo a cut scene will play during which you have to press the button or key given to kill Skizzo. When the cut scene ends Skizzo will be dead and a new objective to get to the Colonel’s Chamber will appear.

Get To The Colonel’s Chamber

Head to the Colonel’s Chamber, when you get close a very long cut scene will play, when it’s over the Colonel will be dead, Boozer will be alive!, Deacon and Sarah are reunited, Deacon gives a motivational speech, the Deschutes County Militia are no more, the credits have rolled, and the mission and the main story of the game will be complete. Don’t know how much XP it’s worth but you’ll earn 250 credits, 450 in camp trust points, some weapons, crafting recipe’s and skins will be unlocked, the I’m Never Giving Up story line will be updated and the Keep Your Friends Close, Law And Disorder, Race Against Time, and It’s All We’ve Got story lines will be complete.

After the rewards are finished a notice will pop up telling you that you have completed the main story of Days Gone but there’s still so much to do so what this means is there are 13 more missions 89of which are hordes so the game is not quite done.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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