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Days Gone You See What They Did and Do You Have My Back

Iron Mike and Deacon

Hello everybody.

There are 2 mission in this video both of them belong to the Earning Our Keep story line. To get the first one, You See What They Did?, started meet Mike at the front gate. When you arrive at the gate a short cut scene will play and when it ends you’ll have to follow Iron Mike as he leads you to Sherman’s Camp.

When you arrive at Sherman’ Camp another short cut scene will play, when it ends follow Mike again this time to the Federal building, when you get there a longer cut scene plays, there’s bodies everywhere inside and Deacon questions weather Mike is serious about getting the TNT or he just wanted Deacon to see what they did. After you collect the key from the body that has the magnifying glass above it follow Mike, this time he leads you to the Courthouse. When you get inside go up the stairs to your right and in the door at the top. When you enter the office a cut scene will play showing Mike with maps of the mines and where they stored their TNT. While he’s looking at the map they hear something outside, this is where the mission You See What They Did ends and Do You Have My Back begins. When the cut scene ends you’ll have to make you way back to your bikes, only now besides the Freakers there’s marauders all through the town.

The first group of marauders are downstairs in the lobby, you can easily take them out one by one from half way down the stairs. Following Mike outside, he’ll lead you to the left, a short distance down this street will be the next group of marauders, when you get there they will be fighting Freakers, they end up killing all of the Freakers in this area and turn on you. This time there are 4 marauders but still not too difficult just stay behind the car and take them out.

The next position is behind a brick planter, there will be 2 marauders on the street and 2 in the courtyard. The 2 on the street can be taken out right away, the 2 in the courtyard are shooting Freakers so leave them, eventually a marauder will advance on your position and when he’s taken out it’s time to move.

The last position will have the most marauders, Mike will take cover at the corner of the clothes store, I took cover behind the green truck, the first marauder you want to take out here is the sniper. When this group of marauders are taken out there will be one more up by your bikes.

When you get on your bike Mike will get on his and ride away, Follow him back to the lost lake camp. When you arrive at the camp a last cut scene will play. These missions pay a whopping 6000XP, 250 credits, 400 point gain in camp trust and the Earning Our Keep, We’ve All Done Things, and the Ripped Apart story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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