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Days Gone You Twisted My Arm

William aka Boozer

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the Surviving Isn’t Living story line and takes place in the Lost Lake region. It’s another one of those missions where there’s more than one and in this case there are 3 different missions that all run together, You Twisted My Arm, You Could Have Done More, and Not Like I Had A Choice.

You Twisted My Arm.

This is the first mission and it’s started when you go to the destination marker in Iron Mikes camp. When you arrive a cut scene will play showing Deacon and O’Brian talking on the radio, then another cut scene with Deacon and Boozer talking about the one last job for O’Brian. Deacon invites Boozer along for the ride and the cut scene ends. The objective is to ride to Camp Pioneer and listen in on the Nero scientist, ride to the destination marked on your screen, the helicopter should be landing when you arrive. The Nero personnel will spread out while the scientist examines something on the steps to the lodge. There is a bush to the left of the steps that you can hide in and listen. When the scientist moves follow him by going around the left side of the school bus, there’s a small bush on the back corner of the bus, another one between the house and the bus and a third next to the house. Any one to these should be fine I chose the one in the middle. When the scientist is finished they’ll return to the helicopter, and you can return to your bike. Go around the left side of the house to your bike, I didn’t wait for the Nero personnel to get far enough away before I left and almost got caught. When you arrive at your bike a cut scene will play, it ends when Deacon and Boozer get back on the bike, this is the end of the first mission You Twisted My Arm.

You Could Have Done More

The object here is to meet O’Brian at the coordinates he provides near Rogue Camp, the marker will lead you onto Buck Point Rd and park your bike in the middle of the road south of the camp. You’ll travel to the next destination on foot, you should see the helicopter landing on the hill. When you get there another cut scene will play, Deacon and O’Brian have a long talk and after receiving bad news he thanks O’Brian and the cut scene ends. When you return to your bike a cut scene plays, Boozer isn’t there and Deacon examines the foot prints. When the cut scene ends the mission also ends.

Not Like I Had A Choice

The objective here is to follow the clues which will eventually lead you to a store in Rogue Camp, when you enter another cut scene will play, Boozer’s inside with and injured dog, the cut scene ends after Deacon puts the dog down. Before you can return to your bike you’ll have to clear the Rippers, there’s about 7 of them. When you arrive at your bike yet another cut scene will play, this one shows Deacon and Boozer fighting, when it’s over give Boozer a ride back to Iron Mikes farm . When you arrive at the farm another cut scene will play showing Skizzo pushing the farm workers.

Boozers say ” thanks for the ride ” and the cut scene ends. With that the mission is complete. This one pays 6000XP, 250 credits, 1750 point gain in camp trust, and the Surviving Isn’t Living, Ripped Apart, and Keep Your Friends Close story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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