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Death of the Outsider 1st floor Shan Yun’s

Guard about to be knocked out

Hello everybody

There are 4 guards and 3 staff on the first floor. The first to be knocked out is the guard sitting in the chair. Look through the key hole and wait till the guard that’s patrolling the first floor to show up and leave before you open the door and take out the smoking man.

For the patrolling guard I used a bottle to distract him and get him to alter his course out of sight of the elite guard in the other room and then choked him out. I used the foresight skill to locate the elite guard and luckily she was in the hall way so I could take her out without the 2 elite guards on the 2nd floor from noticing.

With the guards taken out all that’s left is the 3 staff. The first guy has the dumbwaiter room key so once again I used the foresight skill to locate and lock on so when he was stopped I made my move.

The cook is next. From on top of the shelving unit in the corner you can see the doors to the dining room and at first I was waiting for the maid to appear but she was taking too long so I jumped down and rendered the cook unconscious.

Last was the maid so when she went back into the dining room it was lights out for her.

Thanks for watching

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