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Death of the Outsider 2nd floor shan’s house

one of the knocked out maids

Hello everybody

There are 2 elite guards and 1 regular guard on the second floor. They are all within sight and sound of each other so I lured one of the elite guards to the first floor and that way I was able to choke him out without anybody noticing. The other elite guard was patrolling the hallway beside Shan’s showroom so as long as you choke him out when he’s facing the dumb waiter room the other guard shouldn’t notice. I tried taking him out at the other end, facing the room with the piano and harp in it, and that caught the attention of the other guard.

Once the 2 elite guards are taken care of the regular guard is easy to sneak up on. The staff presented no problems you just have to make sure they don’t see you. As always I hid all of the bodies.

If you are using the dumb waiter to travel make sure it’s on the right floor before you enter or you might find yourself plummeting to the first floor. It won’t kill you but it’ll reduce your health to half.

Thanks for watching

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