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Death of the Outsider A Hole In The World look for the eye part 1

cultists walking toward the eye

Hello everybody

In this video I put the 4 cultists to sleep

When I first tried this I distracted 3 of the 4 cultists to get them to come out of the room. This time around I only distract them to get one of them knocked out and as it turned out it was one of the cultists working on the same level which left the cultist up on the walk way and 2 below.

I waited till the cultist walking back and forth came to the left side of the room and choked her out there. The cultist on the walk way didn’t notice and the piece of equipment on the floor hid me from the other cultist that was shoveling.

I took the cultist on the walk way out next which left the one shoveling.

It’s not as hard as it first seems. You want to take out all of them now because you have to come back through here on the way out.

I advanced up the conveyor way to the top. There’s a mine car on it’s side on the left blocking the door way but there’s enough room to get by. There will be a group of 3 cultist waiting for the void version of the clock work soldier to walk by. Once there gone go up the right side of the tunnel which will lead to maintenance room of sorts. There are 3 cultists in there but at first they’re all in the lower part of the room so that gives you a chance to get up onto the upper mezzanine where you’ll be safe. The walk way to the room outside is broken so nobody ever comes up there, on this side of the eye anyway.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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