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Death of the Outsider A Hole In The World look for the eye part 2

Cultists having a meeting

Hello everybody

In this video I take out the 3 cultists in the maintenance room and 1 on the ground level.

The 2 cultists that are on the main floor of the room are not very observant so you don’t have to be super careful when choking them out. The lone cultist down below is a different story. There’s a good chance that she’ll see you, that’s why I took her out with an electrical burst.

The other cultist that’s outside on the ground level can be taken out just with a bottle to distract as long as you wait till she walks closer to you and you through the bottle into the tunnel, or drift as it’s called in mining, that way the other cultists won’t be alarmed.

Clearing this area and the maintenance room is essential for the return trip. The locked room that’s in the maintenance room is the outsiders room so it’s a whole lot easier if there’s no one around when you get back there.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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