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Death of the Outsider A Hole In The World look for the eye part 4

Five cultists that have to be taken out

Hello everybody

In this video I take out 5 cultists in the maintenance area.

These five are just outside the maintenance room. There are 2 openings that you can view the cultists from. I marked all five and went back into the room and shot a bolt at the double doors below to get them to come inside and investigate the noise. The first time there was a glitch and they got stuck outside so I had to shoot another bolt. What usually happens is that 2 or 3 or all of them come in and this first attempt ended with them all going back outside. With the double doors now open all I had to do is strike the railing with my knife to get them to come back in. This time 4 of them came in and 1 stayed outside, it turned out that I had to take out the one outside first. After that I was able to take out the last one of the 4 that were walking back out. That left 3 outside. I continued to strike the railing and took them out one by one until there was one left. She was sitting outside at the table and not very observant so pretty easy pickings.

To the right of the piece of equipment, could be a compressor, under the stairs is a passage to the other side getting you pretty close to the eye.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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