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Death of the Outsider A Hole In The World look for the eye part 5

A view of cultist below the way to the eye is to the left

Hello everybody

In this video I take out the 4 last cultists that stand in the way.

From the pipe above you can see the cultist that’s standing on the landing at the top of the stairs on the right, she’s filming the cultists below, so when she’s not filming she’ll turn and lean on the railing looking toward the walkway to the eye. I’m not sure if she would see you so to be on the safe side I waited till she started filming and then took out the first cultist looking over the railing. Then the cultist on the walkway. I hid both of them in the passage way that I used to get to this side, where the pipe is that comes from the piece of equipment outside the maintenance room.

The way to the eye is at the end of the walkway, beam over and up onto the rock ledge on the left. There will be 2 cultists talking and the one facing you is very observant. Mark them with foresight, and you’ll see when they are both facing away from you, and go out and beam up onto the ledge on the left. From the ledge above, when one cultist is at the top of the stairs and the other is at the bottom, choke out the cultist at the top of the stairs and then right away take the other one out. I hid those bodies on the ledge that I jumped up to when I first beamed over.

There are 2 power cables leading up to where the eye is.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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