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Death of the outsider a Hole in the world reach the mine part 1

Statue at entrance to mine property

Hello everybody

This is the first video in the last level of the game. Ahead is a lot of cultists and the more that you put to sleep before you enter the void the easier it will be to move around after.

As you get going the first thing you’ll run into is 3 wolf hounds so if you have the familiar scent bone charm now would the time to equip it, the hounds will still see you but they’ll be slightly less observant. On the roof is the best place to take them out and on the roof is also the best place to hide them. This last level has a lot of bone charms so chances are you’ll find some that you don’t already have.

There’s a room on the right side of buildings that has a gate that opens when you crank the wheel but closes again when you let go. To get into the room you have to crank the wheel and while it’s cranked activate your foresight skill and go through the open gate, while inside set a place marker , so with me on the pc it’s the left mouse button. When you cancel the foresight and walk around the corner you can far reach into the room right through the gate. Inside there is a bone charm and some ammo.

The building on the left is a dry facility or change house for the workers and in there you’ll find another bone charm and more ammo.

Back in the entrance way between the buildings there’s an open window up on the left. This leads to a room with a bunch of bunk beds and so ammo in the storage locker. The ceiling has a hole in it so you can beam up into the room above,there’s a locker and another bone charm and some health.

Back in the entrance way just before the statue on the right is some pipes that I should’ve been able to beam up to but I guess you have to be standing up to get there. The end result is the same, you want to be on the roof of the building on the right overlooking the 3 cultist below. The one sitting on the ground gets shot so it only leaves 2 of them to deal with. Mark the both of them with foresight and take them out when they are separated.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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