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Death of the Outsider A Hole In The World reach the mine part 2 and alternate route past the gate.

The Way up to the gate combination

Hello everybody

In this video I get the gate combination and I show the alternate route past the gate, I also take care of the 4 cultists in the yard and end up in the room with the other 4 cultists.

The door on the left before the gate with the restricted area sign is where you want to go. The stairs on the left lead up to a locker room and bathroom, just some rotten fruit and some ammo are up there.

The wall that’s straight ahead from the entry door is how you can get up and over the wall into the room that has the combination. It takes 2 far reaches. There will be some bricks sticking out about half way up that you can land on and from there onto the top of the wall. There’s some ammo and the combination in there.

The crank wheel on the main floor controls an elevating platform, straight ahead and up you’ll see a door that’s blocked with wood. Shoot the wood. Crank the wheel until the platform is all the way up and then beam up onto it and go over and open the door, then it’s just a matter of beaming into the room. This room has an open window that overlooks the mine yard past the gate. There’s a bone charm, some ammo and a couple of bottles that you can use for distracting the cultists below. From the window you can see 2 cultists talking on the ground and 1 on the roof to the left. When the 2 on the ground are done fantasizing you can beam behind the one that’s sitting down and take him out, I hid both of these cultists back in the room that I came from. The 2nd cultist will have to be distracted so he starts to look around and then you’ll be able to beam behind and choke him out.

Straight across from the window is the hoist. If you’re going to use the hoist it requires more weight than just you so you’ll have to place a few bodies on the hoist. I didn’t go that way because I wanted to take out the 4 cultists that block the way to getting into the conveyor way and walking to the top. I think you have to come back this way so it’s better to take them out.

Next is the cultist on the roof. Go by the hoist, and around to the left there will be a mine car on it’s side. Go up to where you can see the cultist on the roof and beam over to the right,beside the building, from there you’ll be able to get onto the roof above the cultist. She’s easily taken out and that just leaves 1 on the ground. I dropped on her and hid the both of them on the roof. Looking down into the yard from the roof you’ll see a mine car sticking half way out on the right. This leads up to a trap door that’s blocked by wood, shoot the boards and you’ll be able to open the door from the inside later.

Back in the yard go back onto the roof and break the boards blocking the window and enter the room. Inside there’s some ammo. The stairs at the back lead up to the room with the 4 cultists.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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