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The Outsider as a mortal

Hello everybody

This is the last video of the Death of the Outsider. I enter the void and spare the outsider.

As soon as you enter the void directly behind you there is a body that’s stuck on the rocks. I don’t know if this was the outsider but he has the key to the restricted room in the maintenance shop. Go and get the key right away, you don’t have much time, and start heading to the maintenance shop. Beam up onto the rocks on the right to avoid detection by the void creature that’s coming. If you took care of the cultists along the route on the way in then all you have to worry about is the void creatures. Marking them with foresight makes it a lot easier because they can move very quickly. I think it’s best to avoid them.

Once you’re in the maintenance shop go to the restricted room but be careful because a void creature will show up at some point. In the room will be a symbol on the wall and a breakdown of 16 parts. The symbol is actually broken down into 3 parts , left, center and right. So the parts are 962.

As you make your way out of the mine you’ll encounter 2 void creatures, one goes in and out of the shop and the other one is down by the mine car on it’s side, the one you came in through so go down the right side to the car.

On the other side of the car go down the conveyor way on the right and make your way onto the roof through the broken window. There are 2 more void creatures patrolling the yard but you’ll be able to beam over onto the roof of the hoist room. From there just beam over to the left onto the rock stairs and into the ritual hold. It’s clear sailing from here on in just some decisions to make.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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